The Novus Digital Index (NDI) is a detailed and quantitative assessment of your organisation’s digital capabilities to assess and benchmark your maturity against the market – across the 7 key pillars of Digital Transformation.

The NDI indicates a business’s readiness for Digital Transformation and highlights the areas that must be addressed to ensure mission success.

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Novus Digital Index (NDI)

We have developed our proprietary Novus Digital Index (NDI) to help organisations understand their level of maturity against the 7 pillars of Digital Transformation.

Business Alignment

Risk & Compliance

Digital Capabilities

Stakeholder Engagement

Digital Business Strategy

Agile Innovation

Culture and People

What happens after an NDI assessment?

As part of an NDI assessment with Novus, we provide our clients with a view of their maturity across each pillar with a comprehensive report comprising of:


Scoring across each pillar, with an overview of the highlights / lowlights.


Market benchmarking to see how you perform against competitors.

Defined Pathway

Defined pathway to improve your maturity at quantifiable levels over a defined period.


Prioritisation of activities to help focus your team on the highest priority activities first.

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